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Vision and hearing are two senses that we rely upon every day. Whether at work or just enjoying a leisurely day with our families, these two senses allow us to interact with loved ones. Unfortunately, many people in the United States have undetected hearing loss, despite its importance. Do you find that people tend to mumble more frequently or that you have difficulty hearing conversations when in a large group? It’s about time we all do something about our hearing problems.

Our practice is constantly seeking out expanded services to help improve your quality of life. Because of the strong connection between vision and hearing we are pleased to offer a fully integrated hearing solution.

Just as you return for your annual eye exam, now you can do the same for you hearing.

We are pleased to announce we have a licensed Hearing Care Practitioner on our team! We have purchased hearing evaluation technology and the highest quality hearing aid devices and services for you, our patients.

People “HEAR” with their eyes AND ears. Now we can help you with both! Call us today to schedule your complete complimentary hearing workup.

Hearing Evaluation


Healthy Hearing and Vision are key to a better life.

Nearly 1 out of 5 seniors experience vision problems, but more than 1/3 of the same group is losing their hearing. Make the choice to leave inadequate hearing behind!!

It is the recommendation of our practice that each of our patients age 58 and older begin to schedule their annual hearing evaluation. Your hearing is important to us, let us help you establish where your hearing is today and determine if now is the time to take advantage of 21st century technology. It’s time to hear what you have been missing!

If our initial hearing screening finds you may have some hearing loss, here are the first few steps you can take to start to live better:

  • Schedule your complete hearing exam with our Hearing Instrument Specialist, this exam is a benefit and is open to all patients aged 58 and older. There is no charge for this and the exam will take approximately 60 minutes. Our goal is to ensure you have a full understanding of your baseline hearing and what options are available to you.
  • Bring a family member or close friend familiar with your lifestyle to the exam, they will be the ones most likely to notice if the TV is turned up too loud or you are constantly asking people to repeat themselves.
  • Our hearing workup consists of a computerized audiometric testing to measure your hearing at different sound levels and your comprehension of speech in multiple listening environments. We also perform a Video Ear Exam using a tiny camera to examine your ear canal and eardrum. This procedure lets us identify possible blockages that can cause hearing loss. You can observe this exam on a computer screen.

Hearing aid devices, when fitted properly by a professional to accommodate your needs, will allow you to hear the sounds that have slowly disappeared over the years. Working towards the best result, our specialist will fit you with the device(s) best suited with your lifestyle and for your needs.

Hear all that you have been missing!!

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