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Over 30 million Americans (over the age of 60) and possibly the same number of Baby Boomers suffer from some type of hearing loss. For older adults, it is the most common chronic health care problem and although the problem can be solved many do not seek help. According to recent studies 50% or more of the population experiences significant hearing loss and for many the loss is being realized 20 years sooner than the generation before.

There are many causes for hearing loss. Some of those are exposure to loud noise, inherited conditions, injury or infection, and physical changes within our ear due to aging. Although it usually begins when we are younger the change is gradual and most of us do not realize it until it begins to affect their everyday life.

For most hearing loss is a part of aging and can actually begin to degrade in our 30’s. In the past the sight of someone wearing a hearing aid meant OLD. But, that is the past. Today hearing aid technology has made significant advances and is now being offered in all different shapes, sizes, and configurations for every patients needs. The first step is to recognize the needs and realizing that a hearing loss at whatever level means you are missing out.

Our practice is pleased to offer complimentary hearing workups to all our patients age 58 and over! Let us help you understand the affects of hearing loss and what options are available to increase your hearing quality.

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